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This season has been a very busy one both in terms of games being played and competitions being entered.  Whilst this is good for the club and members it does mean that some things have been neglected.  I have not posted on website or on our Facebook Page as I have just not had the time., so apologies to everyone.
It is coming to that time of year when we need to think about who to nominate for club positions next year.  The list is on the notice board in the club and I would remind everyone to have a look and put their name forward for at least one of these positions.  If we are to move forward and improve our club then we need new faces and ideas on the committee and as officers.  Please do not be afraid to come forward and put your name down.  Just because you are a new member it does not mean you cannot do one of these jobs.  I do not want to stand as Secretary or Website Manager so now is your chance to have a go.
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