Fixtures 2021

Because of the current situation which is evolving on a week to week basis we are not having any fixture lists printed this year. The Fixtures have been uploaded on to the website and we will try to amend them each time they change. Please be patient and support your Captains during this ever changing time.

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Good Win for Thicket

Despite a late start for this game owing to some of the Burnham members getting stuck in traffic and then the rain threatening to cut the game short we managed to complete the game with a win for Thic

County Competitions have begun

This week saw the beginning of the Men's and Ladies County Competitions. Richard Thrift Tommy Hanks and Skip Bill Hing won their preliminary round of the Triples well done to them. Abbie Yanacopolis

First Royal Shield of Season

This year's Royal Shield is not being played in the same format as usual because of the Pandemic and no points or the Trophy are being awarded. Nevertheless the rivalry and competitive spirit were s