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Emotional Weekend

Well another week has progressed and a busy week in the world of Thicket Bowls .  I have also had a busy time celebrating our Granddaughter's 21st Birthday a milestone in her life as well as mine.
Last Saturday saw the second lot of semi finals for County Competitions take place at  Reading Bowls Club.  Our intrepid pair of Maggie Scrace and Sue Goodchild were playing against  Barbara Smith and Morgan Merryweather . It was a  very close game played with such incredible skill and sportsmanship it was a shame one pair had to go out.  It was a game which meant a lot to both pairs as the winner would secure a place at Leamington and also neither pair wanted it to be the last game they played together.
Morgan's partner had moved to Dorset earlier in the year and was making this her last year  playing for Berkshire.  Maggie first went to National finals at Leamington in 1992 and has made many appearances  there over the last 30 years and declared she would also be bowing out of competitive bowling this year.The final score was 17 14 with Maggie and Sue going through to the finals. I had the privilege of watching this game and felt it encapsulated everything that bowls means to me.

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