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2020 STORY

As we approach the end of the 2020 bowls season we reflect on what a strange time this has been for the game of bowls and indeed all sports everywhere because of the Covid 19 Situation.

Here at Thicket we have had a semblance of bowls played with many members coming up for roll ups and some friendly games amongst themselves. The three way tournament which usually takes place between all three Maidenhead Clubs was of course cancelled but we did do a pared down version where 3 triples from each club played at each club on Saturday 15th August over 18 ends No prizes involved and no meal but I think everyone enjoyed the day and bonus was that Maidenhead Thicket were the winners.

We have had a few internal competitions amongst the bowlers that are able to bowl this year and they are nearing completion the updated file will be added when we know all the results.

We thank everyone for their support and efforts during the season in keeping us safe and especially to the band of volunteers who work tirelessly on the green to keep it in its pristine condition.

At the time of writing this we do not know what will be happening to the AGM normally held in October we will keep you updated.

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