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2 Weeks to our Tour

The Government have now lifted most restrictions and  our Tour to Torquay will go ahead on the weekend of 30th July to 2nd August .  We will of course have to be vigilant and take necessary precautions if advised and mostly just be sensible about the situation.  Paul will update us on everything at our planned meeting on the 25th July.
In other matters we have had a few more successes in County and National Competitions.  Nicola Jones and Bruce Adams (Desborough) are through to the National Mixed Pairs Berks Final on Monday 26th at Suttons B.C.
Gemma Hanks won 21 17 in her unbadged semi final on Saturday in the blistering heat at Burghfield and is now into the final.
The men are through to the Regional Semi Final of Top Club having beaten Bracknell on Sunday morning  in heatwave conditions and will now face Windsor and Eton away
Nicola Jones is also through to the semi final of the National Champion of Champions Singles (Berks region) this will be on Thursday 22nd at The Island of Bohemian Club
The men's triples of Kevin Russell and Gordon also won through to the semi finals of the County Triples
I hope I have covered everything but as usual if there is any news I have missed or you want me to include please let me know Im only human and do forget things
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