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Last Home Game of the Season

Seems like it was only yesterday when we were starting the 2019 Season but yesterday saw the last Friendly Fixture played at home which was against Desborough our local team. Unfortunately, Desborough were only able to field 4 rinks so 1 rink was made entirely of Thicket Players who just played for fun.

The result was a win for Thicket 83 73

Thicket's highest winning Rink was Skipped by Kevin Scrace with Mike Cooper Bridget Thrift and Steve Isaac. They picked up a 4 on the third end and never really looked back and after picking up a 5 on the 13th end went on to win by 9 shots 25 16

Glenn Whitaker Pam Pulsford Angie Isaac and Skip Bill Hobbs were also picking up shots easily and after picking up a 6 on the 7th end they went on to win by 5 shots 21 16

Christine Howard Ivy Hobbs Nigel Wheeler and Skip Melvyn Forward also able to pick up shots easily and despite dropping a 5 on the 8th end they went on to win by 3 shots 21 18

Gemma Hanks Chris Whittaker John Burton and Skip Paul Worthy were 1 shot behind at the halfway stage then after dropping a 5 they never gained momentum and lost by 7 shots 16 23

The Secretary's team of Tony Gwilliam Malcolm Summers Maxine Carpenter and Skip Kim Barao were pitched against the Vice Captain's team of Joan Summers Ken Scowen Steve Carpenter and Jim McDonnell the Vice Captain's team just managed to sneak a win by 3 shots 16 19

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